Sometimes that Henny hits a little too hard and for Brittney Taylor, the dark liquor packed a heavy punch. While some people are self-isolating during this quarantine, others see social distancing as keeping strangers away. Friend circles are continuing to spend time with each other behind closed doors, including Love & Hip Hop stars Tommie Lee, Bobby Lytes, and Brittney Taylor.

Brittney Taylor Fight
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

If Taylor's name sounds familiar, it's because she was the person who accused Remy Ma of assault. The case dragged out for months as they repeatedly made court appearances, and while Taylor insists that Remy punched her in the face for no reason at all, her lawsuit was dismissed. Taylor has continued to defend herself and keeps her social media interaction to a minimum, but she popped up with her reality television friends for an interesting Instagram moment.

Tommie Lee recorded the drunken fight between Brittney Taylor and another friend and shared it on her Instagram Story. Later, Tommie and Bobby were together when they got on Live once again, this time with Taylor in a split-screen. It's obvious that Taylor was intoxicated as she attempted to explain what happened. She then went on to tell Bobby Lytes just how fake of a person he is. Taylor later shared a post-and-delete message where she admitted to being drunk but says she was attacked by her "friend" who "completely lost it on me out of nowhere." Check it all out below.