Brockhampton has been through a lot of late. They shuffled the decks at the expense of Ameer Vann, who was then cropped out of Iridescence, the band's upcoming release. That announcement came just days ago, and now coincides directly with plans to hit the open road. For just the 3rd time in their existence, Brockhampton will tour North America. The tour listed as "I'll Be There" on the an iridescent tour poster uploaded just moments ago on Twitter, will carry the group to the Northwestern-most point of the pacific, and as deep as Texas' border towns with the state of Mexico. 

The tour is slate to being in roughly a month's time, in Mesa, Arizona, on October 3rd. From there Brockhampton covers the state of Texas pretty consummately, stops in Kansas City for a tour of duty, does Atlanta, New Orleans, Philadelphia, New York (twice), Toronto, Chicago, Boston and Minneapolis, all before November starts to set in.

In November, the group decidedly plays less frequently, making stops in Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, Boise, Los Angeles (twice), and San Diego before capping things off in Las Vegas on December 6th. All tour dates on the poster with a triple asterisk (***) denote a festival date. Buyer beware.