Self stylized boy-band Brockhampton made a massive wave in 2017, dropping two albums and preparing the final installment of the Saturation trilogy for release tomorrow. And while the project was touted as being their "last studio album," one thing must be considered. The group, including the particularly vocal Kevin Abstract, are notorious trolls. Today, the group hit up Zane Lowe for an in depth interview, and the whole "last studio album" debacle was quickly addressed. When Zane Lowe noted the open interpretation of "studio" album, the group burst out laughing, with Abstract saying "we make all our albums at our house." After Zane jokingly refers to it as "the biggest troll," Abstract claims that "the final studio album" makes the whole rollout sound even more epic: "Doesn’t it make it like way more epic though? Like SATURATION III, the last album by BROCKHAMPTON. It seems like such more of a moment than it's the end of the trilogy and in the end of an era. Even though everybody knows it’s really not our last album."

Luckily, the group recently announced a new studio album titled Group Effort, dropping in 2018.

The music-making collective also glossed over their fandom of Odd Future and Tyler, the Creator during the Zane Lowe Q&A. Ameer tells Zane, "Yeah I think what I found in Odd Future and what I found in Tyler was a sense of individuality and a sense of not apologizing for who I was and also learning from my past and learning from mistakes I've made. Tyler isn't the same person he was. None of the members of Odd Future are the same people they were when the music was coming out. There was a lot of controversial things said but the most important thing is that the group passed those things and because better people." They continued, "And at the core I think Tyler still stands by like the principles that he set up for himself as an artist. I think that's something that we'd like to follow as well. We take from that philosophy and also something Tupac used to do, where he would have everybody in the studio, all his homies record. No matter who you are you put something on a song. I think we take that and apply that to us making SATURATION and John’s our like day to day tour manager and we had him singing on a song. It was kind of bad but it doesn’t matter."

The group goes on to preview a brand new song called "Stains," which finds the group dropping knowledge over a washed out synth loop. "I spent like a year and half on a greyhound bus on the way to see this girl," raps Ameer Vann, "take a flight back just to keep my job, used to fly standby, late to the airport." Check out a sample of the track on the player below, along with some select video footage from the interview. The song seems to pick up where Saturation II left off, and fans of the group will no doubt enjoy the so-called "final studio album." 

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