Brockhampton has shared a trailer for their upcoming documentary The Longest Summer in America. Dude Heifetz and produced in conjunction with YouTube Music's Artist on the Rise program will premiere on September 17th at an exclusive screening in Los Angeles. The night of the 17th, Brockhampton will screen the project at 5pm and 8pm for the modest ticket price of one dollar. The unitary dollar amount also includes access to soda, popcorn and plenty of other refreshments. After the premiere in Los Angeles the Brockhampton boys will option the movie to theaters in New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Austin, San Francisco, Auckland, London, Dublin, and many more to be decided.

The documentary is basically being billed as a road movie. A trailer has been made available via the group's Twitter page (check below). Also later in the month, Brockhampton will drop their first album without Ameer Vann, a project titled Iridescence. Earlier the group's proto-leader Kevin Abstract told his 'mates they ought to consider being more selective, and not so quick to release material. He came to this realization after getting a shrewd talking-to from industry vet Rick Rubin.

For now at least, the group's DIY setup is all part of their master plan.