Things have been looking up for the self-proclaimed "boy band" Brockhampton. The collective, which features rappers Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon and many more, have been carving out their mark as one of the game's most exciting new groups. With a roster boasting over fourteen members, the group moves like a well oiled machine, making sure every part of their brand is imbued with creativity. As a result, their music and distinctly unique visuals have garnered them a loyal fanbase, and while they have yet to truly emerge as a mainstream staple, Brockhampton are well on their way.

This year alone, the band have already dropped off two critically acclaimed albums, parts one and two of the Saturation saga. And while that in and of itself is a worthy accomplishment, the group are intent on going for the hat trick. And while time is steady ticking on the 2017 calendar year, it would appear that Saturation III will be coming much sooner than we had anticipated.

In an Instagram live feed from last night, Kevin Abstract took to answering fan questions when he was inquired about the third installment. "Saturation III," he says, in a pensive tone. "Let's talk about it. Um...I just don't know how I feel about it anymore. I don't know if I want it to come out. And the entire group feels that way too. But if we do put it out, it's going to come out in December. December 1st, let's see. You guys are good man." On paper, it seems like it could be taken out of context, but if you watch the video, it's clear that Kevin is engaging in something a few of ya'll might recognize all too well: trolling.

If Kevin is telling the truth, then Brockhampton's Saturation III will be dropping at midnight tonight, so stay tuned.