Marquette King has made a name for himself in the sports world, having served as a punter for the Oakland Raiders since 2013. Although he has since signed with the Denver Broncos in 2018, the athlete has been contemplating a potential music career. Of course, he plans to continue his run as a football player but he claims that he would be one of the biggest stars of the music industry had he chosen this route early on.

"If I would've started my music before I started my punting career, I woulda been Chris Brown. Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, they wouldn't even want to see me, dawg!"

Apparently, his musical journey began in high school as he started tinkering with beat making. A few years later, Marquette found himself traveling cross-country with his football team. He took the long flights as an opportunity to revisit the craft of music production. "I bought me a laptop and see if I can remember how to make beats and structure them, he said" He later claims to have added vocals to his tracks.

He is not a rapper, however, and he qualifies his style of music as EDM or House. "I've always been a fan of Calvin Harris. He's a beast."