Bronny James Jr. is just 16 years old but he is already one of the most scrutinized athletes on the planet. Every little thing he does on social media turns into a big deal, which can be tiresome when you're so young. He is just trying to live his life like a normal teenager, so when people take his actions out of context, it can become quite traumatic.

Unfortunately, that's what happened today when it was reported by Robert Littal of BSO that Bronny and Larsa Pippen were DM'ing each other. This report came after Bronny was seen liking Pippen's photo on Instagram. Liking someone's photo is pretty innocent, especially if that person is your best friend's mom, which is the case with Larsa. Despite this, the BSO report blew up on social media, with many questioning why a 46-year-old would DM a 16-year-old. In terms of the actual report, there seemed to be no evidence to suggest such interactions and as a result, Bronny was forced to reply on his IG story.

"I liked one of my best friends moms picture y'all are jus childish," he wrote matter-of-factly. Clearly, Bronny was bothered by the report which doesn't seem to have all that much merit to it. Once again, this is the type of thing that can be traumatic to a teenager, and we're sure Bronny must have been upset when he saw the rumor floating around.

As is typically the case with this sort of thing, Twitter exploded with memes as Bronny immediately became a top trend in the United States. This also happened when Bronny accidentally posted himself smoking weed on IG, which means social media just can't get enough of LeBron's son.

Hopefully, the Larsa rumors will quickly die down as this saga has been bizarre, to say the least.