Bronny James Jr. is the teenage son of LeBron James and over the past few years, he has been blessing us with some pretty great highlights that seem to always draw attention from major media organizations. When you have a generational talent like LeBron, you always look to his offspring to see if there is potential for another generational talent. While it's too early to tell is Bronny could eventually make the NBA someday, it's clear that he's been a superstar in high school and could potentially play for a big college program in the future.

While James has been battling Bronny's teammates in three-point shooting competitions, Bronny himself has been shining with some highlight reel plays. One of those moments was a brutal chase-down block that made everyone watching get nostalgic about the 2016 NBA Finals. Of course, everyone remembers when LeBron executed the same type of play on Andre Iguodala with just minutes to go in Game 7 of that series with the match tied.

Seeing Bronny's athleticism here definitely reminds us of his dad and if he can continue this trend, we might see the young star blossom into a bonafide NBA player. Who knows, maybe his dad will stick around long enough to play with him someday.