Bronny James Jr. is the 15-year-old son of NBA superstar LeBron James and over the last few months, he has been earning a ton of coverage thanks to his play with Sierra Canyon High School in California. Prior to Sierra Canyon, Bronny was known for his highlights while playing for various AAU teams. He has always shown a ton of potential and can already dunk like no one else. As a Freshman on Sierra Canyon, Bronny hasn't been lighting up the scoresheet although he has been a mainstay on highlight reels thanks to his alley-oops and ability to make big plays when it matters. 

Yesterday, ESPN posted Bronny's freshman mixtape on their IGTV and all we can say is: "wow." Throughout the video, Bronny can be seen making a plethora of big plays that will certainly get basketball fans excited for the future.

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Of course, it remains to be seen what Bronny will be able to accomplish in the future. Some believe he could play in the NCAA one day while others are holding out before making any premature judgments on a 15-year-old. Regardless, Bronny appears to be an immensely talented player who has a ton of potential moving forward.

Hopefully, we will be seeing Bronny's highlights for years to come.