The Cleveland Browns are favored in an NFL matchup for the first time in 18 home games, dating back to 2015. Over the last 37 games, the Cleveland Browns have a combined record of 1-35-1, the "35" denotes losses in case you were wondering. The Las Vegas oddsmakers have taken into account Cleveland's strong start (by their standards) to the 2018 season, which saw them tie Pittsburgh and lose to New Orleans away from home. 

The last time Cleveland was favored to win at home, their starting quarterback was a fellow by the name of Johnny Manziel. As history would have it, Cleveland won that game 24-10 over the San Francisco 49ers. From there, things hit yet another elongated rough patch, and Johnny Manziel played (partied) himself out of the league.

Part of what likened the Browns to Vegas bookkeepers is their 2-0 record against the spread. Vegas is obviously hedging its bets in the likelihood gamblers take heed of that 2-0 record. Unfortunately covering the spread in football doesn't win you playoff games.

Even ESPN has Cleveland ahead by 3.8 points against the New York Jets, even though the East Rutherford outfit boasts a better record. I'm not a person who gambles, but I do sense this could be a close game -- the spread insinuates what bookkeepers have in mind: the game could be decided by a mere field goal. Let it be known, Cleveland's defensive unit is better than it seems.