There have been rumors circulating about a possible trade involving Odell Beckham Jr., but Browns general manager John Dorsey took the time to dispell it as untrue. He told ESPN: "That's fake news." ESPN also says Dorsey claims "he has not taken any trade calls on Beckham, is not interested in taking any calls and hasn't even thought about trading him before the Oct. 29 deadline."

Over the last week, trade rumors involving Beckham have ramped up as the Browns continue to struggle. Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports has theorized that the way to fix the Browns' struggles is to trade Beckham. "I would strongly consider trading OBJ," he said on his show earlier this week. He expanded on three reasons, citing Cleveland's identity issues, the return of Kareem Hunt, and the offense's struggling offensive line. Check out his full explanation here.

In other NFL news, ESPN is also reporting that rumors of Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin heading to the Washington Redskins are unture. "I don't see Mike going to Washington," a source told the publication. "That is so far-fetched. It's so far out there. It would have to be a deal that the league never has seen before and would change the way business is done in football, and I don't see that happening."