Josh Gordon is stuck in a veritable quagmire. The question of his return to NFL play seems all the less important now that we've learned he could face jail time over his child support battle with Christina Lockhart. The mother of his three year old child is holding him accountable for $6,765 every month, beginning in August. Incidentally, Gordon did not post the court-ordered provision, but problem is: the Cleveland Brown's wideout doesn't receive his first paycheck until September 1st. The $6,765 alimony is being measured against his 2018 salary of $800,00.

TMZ obtained documentation which lists the punitive measures that will be taken until he posts his first payment. Gordon could be sentenced to 30 days in jail for the first violation, 60 days for the second violation and 90 days for the third. That being said, the Cleveland Browns still expect Gordon to eventually return from his granted leave of absence. The talented receiver is camped in Gainesville, Florida, under the watchful eye of a NFL-sanctioned medical staff. The hope is that Gordon can return to his best mental state, and they won't rush due process.

Although there were rumblings Gordon had failed a league-issued drug test in the offseason, reports seem to indicate the very opposite. The troubled football star is never-the-less not in a mental position to compete at the NFL team. Hopefully team and player make his mental health a priority in the coming days-weeks-months.