From playing a bumbling patriarch in Malcolm in the Middle to a stern CIA agent in 2012's Argo, Bryan Cranston has proven himself to be impressively versatile as an actor.

That being said, he seems to have struck gold playing the good guy gone bad. In his first leading performance for a television series since Breaking Bad, Cranston plays a New Orleans judge who slowly unravels into "a high-stakes game of lies, deceit, and impossible choices" after his son accidentally kills the son of a feared mob boss. 

The trailer for the upcoming 10 episode miniseries, which was adapted from a breakout Israeli TV show called Kvodo, was unveiled earlier today by Showtime. 

In just over two minutes, the trailer packs enough striking cinematography, tension, and action to ensure that viewers will have plenty to look forward to when the show premieres in December. 

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cranston emphasized that he was "content" with the "perfect ending" to Breaking Bad

"They say ‘less is more’ and in many ways, that’s so true," the actor reflected. "You want to leave an audience wanting more, as we know. That old adage is very true. Don’t give them more than they want. If they start looking at their watch, you’re done. You lost ‘em. We want them to go, ‘Holy shit, it’s over? That was an hour? It felt like 20 minutes!’ That’s what you want, and they crave more because it was so well-crafted."