With the massive influx of music that we've received in 2018, fans have become accustomed to receiving new bodies of work every few months. While some artists may bang out hundreds of songs in a month, others prefer the "quality over quantity" approach. Bryson Tiller has proven to be one of the most talented singers in the game. His album Trap Soul opened many eyes to his brand and his fans have been begging him to release new music for a minute. While an album was supposedly on the way, Tiller has just announced that it has been pushed back as he wants to make it perfect.

Over the summer, Tiller teased a few dream collaborations for Serenity, his upcoming body of work. His fans have waited patiently (or so it seemed) but the project still hasn't seen the light of day. The artist took to Instagram to explain why Serenity still hasn't been released, noting that it will be delayed indefinitely. He said, "Album delayed til I'm happy with it. I understand that people these days love to have new music every 4 months but that's just not how I work. Fans out here giving me ultimatums and shit and I'm just like damn I thought this shit was forever."

He went on to note that he wants to make the project perfect for his fans, but most importantly for himself. There's no rush. Whenever it's ready, feel free to drop, Tiller. You got this.