Bryson Tiller may be dropping a new album soon but it looks like there are more important things on his mind.

The singer had recently purchased billboard space in his native Louisville, Kentucky to promote his forthcoming Anniversary album but in the wake of the controversial grand jury decision on the Breonna Taylor case, he decided instead to use the space to honour her memory. 

"Dear Breonna Taylor," one of the billboards read. "You've brought the city of Louisville together like I've never seen before and we will never forget you..."

Tiller adds to the 26 billboards Oprah Winfrey purchased in Louisville to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, dedicating one billboard for every year of her shortened life. 

Tensions surrounding the grand jury's decision have risen in the past week due to Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron's reluctance to expeditiously release the grand jury recordings to the public and the revelation that he did not recommend murder charges against the involved officers. He has reportedly been given a noon deadline this Friday to release the recordings.

Bryson Tiller's album Anniversary is slated for release on Friday following a special listening session he set up for fans on Zoom last night