Bryson Tiller has been hard at work, putting label expectations to the side in order to look inward. After recently admitting to being in a "dark place" after the release of Trapsoul,  which ultimately had a negative effect on True To Self, it would appear that Tiller's spirits have lifted. As a result, his upcoming music will be indicative of his current positive mind frame. While we have yet to receive any concrete news, it would appear that Tiller has his sights set on the summertime. 

"The serenity project is full of summer vibes and songs that make me happy," writes Tiller, via Twitter. "So summertime sounds about right , if all goes as planned of course." While the closing remark is hardly cause for concern, it does speak to the unpredictability of record label drama. Hopefully the powers that be can amass behind Tiller accordingly; the summer could always use the extra vibes.

Should all indeed "go as planned," Tiller's upcoming drop should be just in time for an already stacked summer 2018. Though some were dissatisfied with True To Self, it stands to reason that Bryson will bounce back, especially if he's in the midst of a second wind.