In the last few weeks, Bryson Tiller has returned to the fold, releasing his newest single and teasing further drops. Before this point, all we had heard was that his album had been pushed back indefinitely to allow him time to seek perfection on it. Tiller is not the type of artist who will release something just for the hell of it. Instead of the far-too-common quantity-over-quality approach, the crooner felt like he needed to make a masterpiece this time around. Fans were expecting Serenity to arrive late last year but the singer slowed down his fans by saying the work would be dropping "when it's ready." Now, it would appear as though that time is finally coming.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

As noted by some serious sleuths over at Reddit, a quick look at Sony's FYQ1 Earnings report will show you that Bryson Tiller has an album releasing within the next six months. This information should be taken with a grain of salt -- after all, the report has not been confirmed by Tiller or his team -- however, since it's listed on the official Sony website, this could very well be the real deal. In the Supplemental Information section of the presentation, several artists are listed for imminent releases before February 2020. Rick Ross, G-Eazy, Miley Cyrus, and others are all written but one name stood out to fans: Bryson Tiller.

There is nothing specifically pointing to Serenity arriving before next year but if Sony believes it's dropping within six months, we're inclined to believe them. Time to get excited.