According to ESPN, the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles are likely at a disadvantage if they ever hoped to strike a deal for LeSean McCoy. For one thing, the Philadephia Eagles are very satisfied with their running back depth, even after losing Jay Ajayi to a torn ACL. The Bills, on the other hand, are not looking to deal LeSean McCoy, contrary to popular opinion.

Even if Philadelphia ruled itself out of contention for a rumored LeSean McCoy, that wouldn't prevent another NFL franchise from making a run at the much-maligned football player. Over the past year or so, McCoy has been saddled with off-field issues pertaining to his domestic partnership and the alleged mistreatment of his son and family pet, with some suggesting a change scenery could be in order.

Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott was not willing to confirm or deny whether the Eagles had made a pitch for their star running back, choosing instead to issue this vague response: we get calls all the time -- incoming calls happen all the time." 

LeSean McCoy's effectiveness on the field may be wasted on the slow-starting Buffalo Bills who entered today's matchup with the Houston Texans with an uninspired record of 2-3.