During last year's NBA Playoffs, Lil B accused Houston Rockets guard James Harden of allegedly "stealing" his "cooking dance." As Harden continued to cook upon celebratory moments, Lil B placed his infamous Based God "curse" on Harden, whose team proceeded to lose to Lil B's home team, the Golden State Warriors. Lil B recently took credit for the Rockets' recent firing of head coach Kevin McHale, and Houston OG Bun B has responded by denying any possibility of the Based God's curse. He argued that the cooking dance came from his late UGK partner Pimp C, and thus, from Houston and not The Bay. 

"I've known Lil B since he was in The Pack. I support him musically. But we don't buy into that because we know that Pimp C created [the cooking dance] not Lil B. We don't stand for that," Bun told TMZ Sports

Lil B has since seen Bun's comments, and he, in the most respectful manner, tweeted that he feels the Houston veteran is "misinformed" on the real origins of cooking. In the end, it looks like "it's all love" between the two rappers, but maybe the Based God should defer to Rap God Bun B on this one and publicly lift the Harden curse.