In a front-runner for most unconventional album announcement, Bun B leads the charge with a delicious marriage of seafood and good tidings. While hardly the first rapper to indulge in tutorials of the culinary variety, Bun B's Texas flair adds a welcome bit of flavor to his offerings. In a video straight out of the Action Bronson playbook, Bun B comes through with a tutorial on crafting authentic seafood patties. Not to mention the essential sides dishes - potato salad and vegetables. The recipe is the latest installment of his #TrillMealz cooking series, and to be honest it looks and sounds damn good. 

As delicious as Bun's cooking seems to be, some of the best news comes near the video's conclusion. "New album alert," he casually states, before placing the patties in a pot of hot grease. It's now official - Bun B's Return Of The Trill is set to drop on March 16th. The announcement is nothing short of hilarious; compared to the elaborate staging of the seafood patties, the big news is treated like an afterthought. Still, it's always good to know that some new Bun B is on the horizon. Now, we can finally lock down a date.

Watch the announcement below, and if you're feeling adventurous try you hand at Bun's recipe.