Burger King is allegedly testing out a new menu item dubbed the "Whopperrito" which, as you'd expect is a hybrid between their beloved Whopper and a burrito.

According to the IG account @Foodbeast, the Whopperrito will include all of the familiar Whopper items including a flame-grilled patty, lettuce, tomato, american cheese, white onions, pickles, mayo and ketchup all wrapped up in one big tortilla.

Another food-focused IG account, @Grubgrade, claims that the Whopperrito is being tested at a Burger King location in Hermitage, Pennsylvania though we still haven't seen any live shots of this mysterious fast food item. 

When Taco Bell began testing a taco with a shell made out of fried chicken, that was an idea I could get behind. This Whopperrito idea gets a big FOH though.