Burna Boy once asked Coachella to put more respect on his name when it came to showcasing his spot at the festival and we completely understand why considering his beloved discography. Burna's July release African Giant may very well get some award show love and as a way to show more love to his music, Burna recently paid a visit to NPR's Tiny Desk to perform some of his hits. 

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

“Gbona,” “Wetin Man Go Do,” and “Dangote” came off his recent album while, of course, he had to show love to his most loved track "Ye" from his Outside album from last year. 


"I kind’ve felt like — and it’s a general thing it’s not [just a] Coachella thing — the world always downplays the achievements of us," Burna said when explaining why he spoke out about his Coachella placement. 

"As a African,I just wanted to shine that light and make the world see that we’re African giants and even Africans not in Africa, we’re still African giants because a lot of people are lost. It’s a worldwide phenomenon how lost people are [laughs]. No one is to blame but the settings and the generations and f*ckery that’s been passed down.