Busta Rhymes is, to be blunt, pissed off. It would appear that a former affiliate has duped a number of promoters, taking upwards of three to four hundred thousand. Now, the legendary rapper has taken to Instagram to set the record straight, vis-a-vis all things business related. 

"Let me get straight to the point," says an incensed Bus-a-Bus, "this is a very serious warning to anybody trying to book Busta Rhymes for one thing or another. Promoters, booking agents, whoever you may be, if you inquiring to book Busta Rhymes, just know that Rasheem Bubba Barker does not represent me. Rasheem "Bubba" Barker represents being a thief. He's gotten caught stealing about three or four hundred thousand dollars from different promoters. Do not send your money to that man at all. Do not talk to him. He's not authorized to speak or discuss anything Busta Rhymes, Conglomerate, or Flipmode business."

He does, however, provide a means for those seeking to make serious inquiries. "My only manager, and I repeat, my only manager, is Anthony "Blitz" Botter. You ain't hear no other name, don't talk to him." It's unfortunate that Busta found himself duped by Barker in the first place, and we can only hope the Flipmode legend doesn't let this one get the better of him. There's too much music to be made, especially with the long-awaited Flipmode reunion still in the mix.