If any rapper was going to shatter a windshield by banging their head, it would be Busta Rhymes. The "Break Your Neck" MC is clearly a fan of the violent head bang, and in a hilarious new interview, he reveals that the dance move once decimated the entire windshield on Wyclef Jean's tour bus. The music that spurred on this incident? Eminem's Slim Shady LP, obviously.

Speaking with Rolling Stone about his new track with Em, "Calm Down," Busta relayed the story about hearing Em's debut (mislabeled by RS as an EP, not an LP).

"We were on the Smokin' Grooves tour in the back of one of the venues. Wyclef has this big-ass studio on his bus so we always wanted to go hang out and he was playing the Slim Shady LP. Before I could actually get on the bus, I was standing on the three little steps that you walk up to get on to the bus and I was nodding my head so fucking hard, going crazy, that I hit my head on the windshield and broke the whole fuckin' windshield of Wyclef's bus. It fucked the whole glass up."

"The fucking shit that I was hearing from him created an animal instinct reaction," Busta added. "There was no thought that went into the way I reacted; it was just so powerfully compelling that i just bugged out. And there are very few moments like that, for me, that made me feel like that. When I first heard him, I didn’t know if he was white or black or where he came from. All I knew is what he was making me feel like made me almost push my head through a windshield."

There you have it: Eminem's music causes people, including Busta Rhymes, to lose their shit like no other.

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