Busta Rhymes seemed to have an eventful New Year's Eve, for better or for worse. According to TMZ, the rapper got into a heated confrontation with a man that nearly turned into a fist fight in Times Square on NYE.

Scott Gries/ImageDirect

Witnesses who were at the scene when the incident went down actually pinned the blame on Bussa Buss, claiming the rapper actually initiated the confrontation. Busta was reportedly sitting in his car in Times Square at the early hours of the morning on NYE when a man and his wife passed by. Apparently, the woman said hi to the rapper which allegedly prompted him to invite her into his vehicle. 

Busta's alleged invite didn't sit well with the husband who had some words for the rapper. Busta Rhymes reportedly got out of his car shortly after and got into it with the man. Things did escalate to a physical point with both men getting face-to-face with each other before security managed to interfere and defuse the situation. 

After witnesses and others walked away, police spoke to the man who nearly fought Busta. TMZ reports that there are no indications that anyone was arrested during the confrontation.

This is, unfortunately, not the first time Busta's gotten into some sort of scuffle in recent times. A few years ago, the rapper was arrested after he got into a verbal dispute with a gym employee before throwing a protein shake at the man.