Busta Rhymes can now add himself to the long list of rappers who get hit up by the IRS for tax evasion. Bussa Bus apparently owes just under $1 million to Uncle Sam, as the ever reliable TMZ reports.

Busta Rhymes avoided paying his taxes for two separate years, and now the Department of Treasury is going after him, hitting him with two tax liens. The sum total of what he owes the government is $789,577.90. IN 2008, Busta failed to pay more than $611,000 he owed, and more recently, in 2012, the rapper neglected to fork over $178,000 in taxes.

This isn't quite as bad as MC Hammer, whom we reported on in April owing the IRS a cool $1.4 million. Nor Lil Wayne, for that matter, who apparently owes an astounding $12 million in taxes.

If Busta decides to pay off his taxes, we will be sure to update you.