Busta Rhymes has been one of those celebrities who's been seen blowing up on camera on a few occasions. Most recently, he got into an incredibly heated situation which required police to hold him back from assaulting a man who hurled a homophobic slur towards him and his crew. The incident occurred in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. The footage shows Busta and one of the men arguing before one of the dudes slings the F-bomb in the rapper's direction. That's when things got heated. Police and Busta's crew are seen trying to mediate the situation. At one point, Busta throws a punch but ends up missing.

TMZ reports one of the men involved in the altercation filed a harassment claim later that evening which accusing Busta of being aggressive before the police showed up. He continued to explain that Busta tried to punch him but missed. He alleged that he said hello to the rapper who replied, "I will f*** you up." The accuser said that he felt threatened by Busta in that situation. However, the police said they can't corroborate whatever the man accused Busta of. They're not conducting any further investigation on the matter either.

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images 

This isn't the first time this year that Busta Rhymes has been seen going off on someone in public. Earlier this year, Busta got into a heated confrontation with a man who claims the rapper hit on his wife.