A BuzzFeed News journalist making a documentary on R. Kelly was physically thrown out of a an after party for the singer in St. Louis this past Saturday. “I had the camera phone in my hand above my head. All I know is I felt an arm around my neck and I was lifted up,” Lyric Cabral told BuzzFeed. “The next thing I know I’m facing outside.”

Lyric claims that around six men, who looked to be apart of the police department and Kelly's team, escorted her and her friend out of the venue. The documentary is focused on allegations of Kelly leading a sex cult and sexually abusing the women he keeps hostage. R. Kelly’s lawyer, Chauncey D. Henry, contacted the publication saying Kelly's team cannot remember the incident. 

“Mr. Kelly, and/or his employees or affiliates, have no distinct recollection of the events described in your letter related to an alleged altercation that involved your contractor or his removal from Da Beno Nite Club,” he wrote.

“Despite the confusing description of when this altercation actually took place, whether on Friday, August 17 or Saturday, August 18, Mr. Kelly, and/or his employees or affiliates are in no position to speak on behalf of the venue or its security policies."

Lyric's phone was taken from her, and when she got it back all footage was removed. The case is ongoing.