Monica Denise has been advocating for years for the release of C-Murder, her former boyfriend, from prison. During the pandemic, she began working with Kim Kardashian, who has been working to free wrongfully-convicted individuals for the last several years, on getting C-Murder out. The rapper, whose real name is Corey Miller, is serving a life sentence for the murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas.

Despite him being incarcerated, he still wants to remind Monica that he's got lots of love for her and appreciates all that she does for him. On her fortieth birthday this weekend, Miller made sure to send over some prezzies for her to open up.

"Happy birthday Moses @monicadenise," wrote the rapper on Instagram. "I hope your earth day was beautiful. this is the last one before I touchdown you will get everything you deserve. keep being the woman and warrior you are love you Cee."

On Monica's Instagram Story, she showed off all that C-Murder did for her big day, sending over red roses, a cake, and some gifts from Louis Vuitton. If he can do all that while in prison, then we've got no excuse to not spoil our partners on their birthdays. 

"Thank you @cmurder," wrote Monica. "This was extremely thoughtful... Cake was fire too! Thank you, you're appreciated!"

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