There's currently a big to-do being made about C-Murder's incarceration. He is presently serving a life sentence for murder but Kim Kardashian, Monica, and others are getting involved in an attempt to free him so he can finally be reunited with his family.

Many people have had something to say about this, including C-Murder's brother Master P, who warned Kim and Monica that it would be very difficult to complete their mission. Monica was even called "ungrateful" by Master P, which led her to respond to the drama. Now, it looks like C-Murder's alleged mistress is chiming in with her own two cents.

Posting several pictures with Corey Miller, professionally known as C-Murder, over the years in prison, a pilot that goes by @sheflysplanes on Instagram bashed Monica for getting involved after so many years of allegedly not caring much about her ex.

"Didn’t miss a weekend! Didn’t miss a call! Didn’t miss a payment! Monica who?! We all have a story and he will forever be a part of mine," wrote C-Murder's alleged mistress. "Where these n***as be at when you say you doing all this and all that. @Future you remember how it went down. All she did was finesse his kids and sneak to the prison. That lady was married. But y’all know know how down down I was. Let’s be clear clear. I moved 4 minutes away from Angola prison. I’m realer than any man you will ever meet!"

Hopefully, the drama subsides soon and they can all focus on joining forces to get Corey Miller home.