C-Murder is currently serving a life sentence behind bars but it looks like there's a chance the conviction could be reversed. Last week, a key witness in his trial recanted their statement against the rapper and admitted the police pressured him into giving a false testimony. Now, the second key witness in the case has also recanted his testimony and C-Murder's brother, Master P, is calling for his freedom.

Darnell Jordan, the second key witness in C-Murder's case, has recanted his testimony against the incarcerated rapper,Times Picayune reports. Jordan claims that detectives coerced him into identifying C-Murder as the shooter.

"I am certain that Corey Miller did not shoot Steve Thomas," Jordan said in a letter written to the 24th Judicial District Court.

Master P took to Instagram to speak on the Jordan's retracting his statement. He shared a lengthy caption alongside a picture of his brother, C-Murder and assured that he maintained his innocence throughout the trial while closing it off with #FreeCoreyMiller and #InnocentMan hashtag.

C-Murder's attorney, Paul Barker, is working hard to get the conviction reversed.

"Mr. Miller is indeed innocent of the murder for which he has been convicted, and it is high time that this illegal conviction and sentence be reversed and vacated," Barker wrote in a memorandum on Monday which also asked for a new trial.

At this point, both key witnesses have accused the detectives and prosecutors of forcing them to make false statements. Hopefully, justice prevails and C-Murder's conviction gets reversed.