C5 & Yhung T.O. Of SOB X RBE Visit Local Shrines In "Everyday" Video

Devin Ch
July 20, 2018 14:33

HNHH PREMIERE: C5 and Yhung T.O. pitch their music video "Everyday" in typical Bay Area fashion.

C5 dropped his latest single with Yhung T.O. about a week ago, and the reception has been more than positive on our website alone. Beyond the fact they both generally extol good vibes, the work on "Everyday" is as genuine as they come. the "Everyday" video begins as C5 gives his guest a tour of his neighborhood, while its resident are somewhere off in the pastures, save for a few shorties playing double dutch.

The camera goes onto capture several places of interest in Oakland, a particular documentation fixated on telling the truth in people's lives. C5's video direction sees him completely do away with this illusion of "spectacle" in the media today. As C5 clearly indicates, sometimes the best option is homeward bound, or nowhere to be found.

"Everyday" is evidently a Bay Area collaboration the whole way through, based on location, artistic direction and the producers of the song itself: Mansa and Drew Banga who is credited with arranging the opening song on Kamaiyah's A Good Night in the Ghetto. There's something to be said for working with those who understand your best intentions.

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HNHH TV C5 & Yhung T.O. Of SOB X RBE Visit Local Shrines In "Everyday" Video