Caitlyn Jenner has been the Queen Of Mess these days. The reality star has been spilling tea left and right on the series I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out OfHere of which she is one of the celebrities the title suggests. One of Caitlyn's co-stars asked her about the O.J. Simpson case, specifically about Robert Kardashian Sr., who was an aid in the defense and previously married to Caitlyn's wife at the time, Kris Jenner. In response to a question about whether Rob knew O.J. had committed the crimes he was on trial for and had covered them up, Caitlyn takes a pause before professing: "There's just no way he didn't know." The statement is incredibly loaded, considering how historic the case is and how close Caitlyn obviously was to Robert's family.

Caitlyn elaborates with a story about Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, who would've been 14 and 16 years old, respectively, at the time of the verdict on October 3rd, 1995. "That night, the verdict came in and Kourtney and Kimberley were in school, and obviously they love their father and they should," she says, implying that Robert's daughters were in supporting of his position in the trial. "They’ve been following this [trial] for a year and a half, and when they walk in the door and...Kourtney, says 'Well, I told you he didn’t do it.' I just said to the girls 'just because he got a not guilty doesn’t mean he didn’t do it.'" It looks like Caitlyn is on the "he did it" side of the infamous argument surrounding the case, and wants to expose the late Robert Kardashian for his complicity.