If you have watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, or The Hills, you would know that Caitlyn Jenner doesn't always have the easiest relationships with her children. While she is the father to 6 kids from three different marriages, on an episode of I'm A Celebrity, the Olympic champion did not receive any mail from any of her relatives...except her two dogs. 

Caitlyn's care package read,  "love you, stay strong. You're killing it. Everyone at home is rooting for you, especially theses two cuties." On  the back of the message was the photo of her two pooches at home.

 Caitlyn Jenner
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

While viewers are steamed that Caitlyn Jenner only received a message from her dogs, one has to wonder who wrote the message and sent it in the mail? A human had to have cared enough to do that for Caitlyn, but yet fans are up in arms over the fact that her children Burt, Cassandra, Brandon, Brody, Kendall, and Kylie didn't take the time to message her. While yes their father is in the jungle, it still doesn't change the fact that there are complexities to their dynamic. 

The care packages were given to the I'm A Celebrity campmates after they completed a challenge and Jenner seemed happy at the sight of her two furry loved ones. Of receiving the photo and message Caitlyn said, "the really nice part about tonight was getting that little bit of contact with your family to know that they love you and can't wait for you to get out of this jungle."