Just two days after President Trump declares the novel coronavirus a national emergency, California governor, Gavin Newsom has announced that all bars will be closed and restaurant capacities will be severely reduced in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. During an official press conference concerning the rapid spread of the potentially life-threatening disease this Sunday (March 15), Newsom revealed that all bars, night clubs, wineries, and brewpubs are non-essential locations that do not serve a requirement to be open at the moment. According to the governor, restaurants serve a more 'nuanced' purpose but will require businesses to perform social distancing for the safety of the state's citizens by slashing occupancy levels in half. 

California Governor Closes All Bars & Cuts Restaurant Capacities

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Governor Newsom also urges that all citizens 65 and older and patrons with chronic health issues attempt to remain indoors. During the impromptu press conference, Newsom revealed that 335 people have tested positive for the coronavirus which is a 14% increase from yesterday's total confirmed cases. There has been a total of six verified deaths due to COVID-19 within the state's borders. 

temporary travel ban to overseas countries has been put in place to attempt to stop the spread of the virus has been put in place by President Trump as well while nationwide government officials are doing everything in their power to prepare the masses for a possible indefinite quarantine period. With patrons stockpiling supplies and travelers stuck in airports for hours, people are preparing for the worse despite the coronavirus' ability to be terminated after contraction. 

As long as the masses remain cleanly, practice social distancing, and continue to stay informed all should be well in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out California governor, Gavin Newsom's full press conference detailing the closing of bars and new restaurant restrictions in the video provided below.