Fans were excited for Cam Newton's return to the field this season especially since he would get to play with the likes of Bill Belichick who is considered to be a football genius. While the team got off to a promising start, Newton was fairly underwhelming as he caused numerous turnovers all while the Patriots continued to lose. Now, the team sits at a record of 6-9 and they have no chance of making it to the playoffs.

According to a report from Tim Daniels of Bleacher Report, Newton and the Patriots have no ill will towards each other although it's clear that they would prefer to look elsewhere next season. Needless to say, we probably won't be seeing Newton in a Patriots uniform, in the long-term.

Cam Newton

Billie Weiss/Getty Images

“It looks like [Cam Newton’s] looking for something different, the Patriots are looking for something different. Both sides enjoyed their relationship, but both sides expect that it will take them to a different place and a different direction in 2021, with Cam Newton likely moving on and the Patriots in search of a new quarterback for next season," Daniels wrote.

The Cam Newton experiment in New England was certainly a worthwhile one, although, at this point, it's clear that both sides would be better without each other.

Hopefully, 2021 brings some better fortune to Newton.