Cam Newton was considered to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, just a few years ago. Unfortunately, injuries have hurt Newton's career and his team has been struggling to reach the postseason. It's clear Newton is working hard to get back in the league although unfortunately, his efforts are met with even more injuries. This offseason, newton is trying to get back into the best shape imaginable and he has been making strides in the gym.

In his latest Instagram post, Newton quoted J. Cole while talking about his haters. Newton is taking a motivational approach here and it's clear that he's working very hard to be at peak physical condition. In fact, Newton went on to say that he plans to make 2020 one of the best years ever.

"Killas been countin me out, I'm countin my bullets, I'm loading my clips, I'm writing down names, i'm makin a list, I', checkin it twice and I'm gettin em hit," Newton wrote, quoting J. Cole. "Dear 2020, I want everything 2019 tried to take from me."

It remains to be seen if Newton stays with the Panthers next season although he's been adamant about returning to the franchise that drafted him. Hopefully, Newton can get over these injury issues and get back to being the quarterback we know him to be.