Cam Newton wasn't exactly in the best spot of his career a few months ago as he had just been released from the Carolina Panthers with very few prospects. At the time, it was believed that Newton gets injured too much and that he simply wasn't worth the risk. However, Newton quickly got to work and tried his best to make sure teams knew he was in shape. This landed him a contract with the New England Patriots, whom Newton has been very happy with so far.

On Sunday, Newton will make his Patriots debut as he looks to take on the Miami Dolphins in what should be an extremely fun matchup. While speaking to masslive.come, Newton explained exactly why he's so excited about this new journey.

Cam Newton

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images


“Excitement level is on 1,000,” Newton said. “I’m excited, happy. Just to get back into the rhythm of game week — the preparation, the little nuggets that you can often forget. You have to remember, I’ve been away from football, really, for a full year. Sixteen games. I missed the last games of 2018 and only played two games in 2019, so that’s equivalent to 16 games. I haven’t really had this whole process for a long time now, so being around, taking notes, watching film, finding out about different players each and every day, locking in — excited about the game plan and more excited about just trying to get in a routine with the newness of the play-calling, the coaches and even the players.”

Based on these comments, it's clear that Newton is ready to do some damage with the Patriots, and if he can translate his excitement onto the field, then this team could make a serious run.