Cam Newton is a former NFL MVP with millions of dollars and quite a bit of clout. He's become known for his sense of fashion just as much as his play on the football field. While the NFL season is in hiatus due to the Summer break, Newton is getting some traveling done. The 6'5 athlete decided to take a trip across the pond to Paris. While boarding his flight back to the US, Newton realized he made a fatal error. He booked a regular seat, which would confine him to a pretty small space for a 10+ hour flight. Not very comfortable for a man of his size. Confronted with a dilemma, Newton decided to bribe another passenger for their seat. 

Most people would switch seats with a former league MVP for free, or possibly an autograph. The man Newton tried to bride was not "most people" though. A passenger caught a video of Newton attempting to bribe a man for a seat swap, but the middle-aged male refused to give his seat up. Newton went as far as to offer $1,500 for the seat, but the gentleman still declined. There's no telling why the passenger denied Newton, or why Cam decided on that outfit for the day. The clip ends with Newton begrudgingly taking his seat. So much for star power.