Cam Newton is the star quarterback of the Carolina Panthers and last season, he suffered a shoulder injury which took him out of the season prematurely. Newton also underwent surgery during the offseason and it's not guaranteed he will be able to come back in time for the start of the regular season. Regardless, Newton has been out and about these last few months keeping himself occupied since he can't be out on the football field. 

Yesterday, Newton got to open the cigar bar he has been working on for a long time now, called Fellaship. The cigar bar is located in Atlanta and Newton was there for the ceremonial ribbon cutting that marked the grand opening. The bar acts as a lounge/club where patrons can go to have a couple of drinks alongside their cigars. There seems to be a vast selection of cigars to choose from and the place is already starting to get some positive reviews.

According to TMZ, Newton's girlfriend announced before the ceremony that their fourth child together is on the way. Newton had previously explained that he would be giving up sex for a full month so that he could make his mind stronger.