Cam Newton was in a weird spot just a few months ago as he was a free agent with seemingly very few options. However, the New England Patriots came through and gave him a one-year contract where he will be able to prove himself and play for a top tier head coach in Bill Belichick. As of right now, Newton is in training camp and it seems like he is already making a huge impact on his head coach, who is typically a man of very few words.

During a segment on Sirius XM NFL radio, Belichick opened up about Newton's efforts thus far and gave him a glowing review. In fact, Belichick said Newton was one of the hardest workers and competitors he's ever had the pleasure of coaching.

“I can see why he had the kind of success that he had at Auburn and at Carolina,” Belichick said. “In talking to people that were with him there, the things that they said about him at Auburn and at Carolina from a decade ago or two, three years ago, or even last year, it was all the same, and it showed up here. He’s an extremely hard worker. [...' He’s here early. He stays late, and he works very hard."

This season is going to be an interesting one for Newton and the Patriots but if they can pick up some momentum, they could be a darkhorse to make noise in the AFC.