Following the Tennessee Titans' COVID-19 outbreak, numerous NFL teams have ramped up testing as they want to keep their players safe. Unfortunately for the New England Patriots, their best player has been impacted by the virus, as it was reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN that quarterback Cam Newton has tested positive.

As Schefter reports, the team has gone through a wave of tests and re-tests, although Newton is the only player to have tested positive. Now, Newton will be added to the COVID reserve list, which means he won't be able to play this weekend as the Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs, in what should be their toughest test of the season. With Newton out, the Patriots will have to look towards their backups for a spark heading into Sunday.

With Newton's positive test in mind, he will now have to quarantine himself and will only be allowed back on the field once he tests negative a few times. This could take up to two weeks, which is a worst-case scenario for the Patriots who need their star QB to win games.

Hopefully, Newton has an easy and quick recovery. Meanwhile, the NFL is going to need to find new ways to stop the virus from spreading amongst its players.