In a recently hilarious development in the world of celebrity, Camila Cabello has admitted to a harmless but yet incredible act. While visiting Kensington Palace, aka home to Prince William and Kate, Cabello was dared by BBC 1 radio host Greg James to steal a pencil from the royal household. The famous singer admitted to the mild act of hooliganism on James' BBC 1 morning show Breakfast With Greg James. Both Greg and Camila were at the palace for Radio 1's Teen Heroes event when Greg "triple-doggy-dared" Camila to take the royal writing tool. 

Camila Cabello performing
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Cabello said on the show, "And I was like, you triple-doggy-dare me? And you can’t not do a triple-doggy-dare." The songstress also said, "if there’s anything I’ve learned in my life, it’s that. So I did it." On the clip shared online, Kensington palace responded with one simple emoji...the eyes emoji.

While leaving the palace, Greg James loudly called Camila out for stealing, at which point the famous singer stuck the stolen pencil into her mother's purse. Her mother wanted to return the stolen item but Camila insisted on keeping it because it was a "triple-doggy-dare." In the interview, Cabello says that she still has it and apologies to William and Kate.

Camila Cabello may have taken a royal pencil without permission but at least she came clean about it. Now, one has to wonder if she'll receive future invitations to a royal event, and if she does she may be watched very closely. Perhaps that's what the eyes emoji means.