Camille Cosby came to her husband’s defense with criticism against the #MeToo movement in an interview with “ABC News Prime” anchor Linsey Davis on Monday.

“The #MeToo Movement, and movements like them, have intentional ignorance pertaining to the history of particular white women — not all white women, but particular white women — who have, from the very beginning… accused Black males of sexual assault without any proof whatsoever, without any proof on the face of the earth,” stated Camille.

Bill Cosby, having been accused by over 60 women of sexual assault, has been incarcerated for almost 2 years. “None of them have presented any proof,” Camille said. “and I think that says a lot.”

After the Pennsylvania Supreme Court agreed to review two aspects of the case against Cosby, Camille is feeling hopeful that her husband might be able to appeal his sexual assault conviction.

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Arriving at Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial in April 2018 - Jessica Griffin-Pool/Getty Images

“There are possibilities now. Finally, there is a court … that has said, ‘Wait a minute. There are some problems here. They can be considered for appeal,'” said Camille. “I am very, very pleased … but now I’m looking at something that is possible. Possible for vindication. That is the goal.”

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court agreed to review the judge’s decision allowing prosecutors to call five other accusers to the stand. They will also review his argument that he had made an agreement with a former prosecutor that he would never be charged in the case, which he made at the beginning of the investigation.