The amount of times we hear stories about so-and-so being a deadbeat parent to such-and-such can be exhausting. Parenting is difficult, and the strain of being a famous rapper can make it even harder. So when one parent praises and gives thanks to the other, despite their being separated, it leads to a genuinely sweet moment.

That's exactly what Cam'ron did yesterday, during the college graduation of his son. In an Instagram post, Cam'ron writes a lengthy message about the girl who was once the love of his live, and how his behavior and their differences in goals eventually led to their separation.

"We ended up breaking up when I turned about 26 (I think) because of my cheating, lying and trying to peruse a music career that she wanted nothing to do with," Cam'ron writes. "She wanted me to go to school and we live a family life. But she understood my vision but she wasn’t going to be a part of it."

Despite their break up, the two of them had a child together. Reading the post and looking at the pictures that Cam'ron included with it, it's clear that she still has a special place in his heart. On the suggestion of his son, Cam'ron bought her a brand new Range Rover Velar, as apparently "squirrels built a nest in her engine."

"Even though we haven’t been together in over a decade. Ur still my family.. love ya!," Cam'ron concludes.

Check out the entire letter in the post below.