New York City will be hearing some of their own local legends ring through the subways to remind people to wear their masks. An initiative that New York Nico started to remind New Yorkers to practice social distancing measures will be kicking off on Feb. 12th. We already know that Jada's raspy voice will be among those who've contributed their vocal talents to the project but it turns out that we'll also be hearing the legendary Cam'ron, as well. 

Cam took to Instagram where he shared a snippet of his contributions for the MTA's COVID-19 PSAs. "Ayo, check it out. It's Harlem's own Killa Cam. Look, I don't care if you from uptown, downtown, Harlem, Switzerland, where ever. I don't care if you're a chicken or a duck. And you know what? COVID don't care either. Are you wearing a mask? Yeah, well, is it covering your mouth and nose? Then good. You're doing great," says Cam in the voiceover. "Remember, not only wearing a mask is the law but it's the right thing to do."

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Cam, who you can imagine has not taken a train in a very long time, said that he's tempted to take the subway just to hear his voice. "Ima catch a ride (nh) on da 4 line real quick. I’ve never used a metro card, I haven’t been on the train since people used tokens. I might hop the turnstile for old time sake," captioned Cam along with a few laughing emojis. "Nahhh j/k lol I’m paying," he added before closing it out with a nod to a classic cut off of Come Home With Me