We're not sure what Cam'ron did to get on this woman's nerves but apparently, the pink-fur-wearing rapper is the "most racist person" in her opinion. A hater decided to slide into Killa Cam's DMs and she managed to get a few seconds in the spotlight when Cam actually went public with the messages. It's not every day that your interactions with a rapper get posted on their page and we're sure many are hitting up this woman to give her a piece of their mind.

Kevin Kane/Getty Images

Cam ventured into his DMs to see what was going on when he stumbled upon somebody who was accusing him of racism. The woman, known as @sicilianprincess35, told the recording artist that he is the "most racist person I seen." He responded comically by telling her that she must not have looked too hard. She ended up responding, only for Cam'ron to request an essay about slavery before the end of the day. Fair enough.

In the caption to his post, Cam writes that since she wanted some attention, he decided to grant her wish. With her Instagram handle being made public, plenty of folks are likely messaging her right now. Despite her private account, she decided to dedicate her bio to the rapper, writing, "Fix that gap in your teeth and quit wearin pink pussy."