If social media posts are to be believed, Juju Castaneda may have just gotten married in Las Vegas. Everyone is back outside now that vaccines are plentiful and mandates have been dropped, and Juju and a few of her friends were lit in Las Vegas. The Love & Hip Hop star is well known for her relationship with Dipset's Cam'ron, as the two were together for nine years. For the last four years of the romance, Juju and Cam'ron were engaged.

On Monday (May 31), videos were shared online showing Juju being escorted down the aisle with her beau, and by the looks of their attire, they may have decided on this at the last minute.

JuJu Castaneda, Cam'ron, marriage, wedding, Las Vegas
Fernanda Calfat / Stringer / Getty Images

Some people are already saying that it's all for show and the couple seemed intoxicated during the chapel ceremony, but despite the ambiance, they looked happily in love. Juju and her man, known as CEO22Wayz on Instagram, embraced one another and lavished each other in kisses as their friends are heard off-camera screaming with joy.

While on Love & Hip Hop, Juju went on a journey of being with Cam'ron, dealing with their breakup, and considering dating once again after the dust settled on their split. She has been fiercely private about her personal life so this wedding display came as a surprise to the public. Check out a few clips of the wedding below and let us know if you think this is the real deal.

Juju, Cam'ron, wedding, Vegas