Canada opened their first recreationally legal marijuana stores this week. As expected, sales for the magical plant were unsustainable across the country as millions lined up in front of brick and mortar stores or ordered online. As reported by Vice Newssales were so extreme that several shops ran out of weed on their first day. 

In Newfoundland and Labrador, several shops had to close because they ran out of product. The province was the first to begin sales promptly at midnight on October 17. According to the CBCPortugal Cove-St Philip's THC Distribution ran out of product just before 4:20 PM. "It's very bad news in my eyes. I ran out at 4:20 today, believe it or not," stated owner Thomas Clarke. In Quebec, customers were turned away after waiting in lines for hours. Some lucky consumers were let into the pot shops only to find an extremely limited supply of goods. 

The online shoppers didn't fare much better. In British Columbia, already popular for its marijuana production, the online dispensaries sold out of the majority of its stock within 24 hours. Over in Nunavut, websites crashed all day long as eager pot smokers logged on in record numbers. It appears that speculations of Canadian marijuana industries raking in billions within the first year will come true.