The body positivity and body acceptance movements have gained steam in recent years as entertainers and public figures have used their platforms to preach loving oneself no matter what one's size. Corporations have followed suit and have adjusted their products and policies as to not face the wrath of Cancel Culture, but Candace Owens doesn't believe that people should readily accept being plus-size or overweight. Recently, Cosmopolitan featured plus-sized women on their "This is Healthy" issue where they included "11 women on why wellness doesn't need to be one-size-fits-all." Ownes took issue with the publication's latest issue and advocated against "clinical obesity."

"We must fight to protect the next generation of children who are being intentionally targeted and brainwashed with lies," said Owens. "Women can be men? Men can be women? And now—obesity is 'healthy'? NO, it’s not. Clinical obesity is the main cause of the America’s #1 killer: heart disease. 'If you can do the splits while smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, then you’re healthy'— said nobody, ever. @Cosmopolitan you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself for trying to glamorize our country’s number 1 killer."

While her delivery can be crass, she wasn't the only person who went after Cosmopolitan for the issue. People have taken to the magazine's social media pages to condemn the feature, however, body acceptance advocates have praised the outlet for what they see as progress. Check out the tweets from Candance Owens below.